<p>Eco-friendly camping in France - Ornans, Jura Mountains</p>


We are thrilled to welcome you to our quality campsite, combining the nature of the Jura with wonder, originality and friendly encounters, where you’ll find: cottages, unique accommodation, traditional yet modern lodges as well as camping pitches with everything you need (+120 m², electricity, water hook-ups and disposal points).


Eco-friendly camping in France - Ornans, Jura Mountains

 Organic campsite La Roche d’Ully  philosophy

A “living” experience based on authenticity and sharing, with each owner acting as an ambassador. 



We see each of our guests as a part of our big family, and we do everything we can to make them feel at home. 
At La Roche d'Ully, you are always a guest of honour.

Looking for well-being

Relaxation and comfort are essential ingredients for a successful holiday. We strive to make your holiday here with us the most enjoyable it can be.  
At La Roche d'Ully, we maintain the art of rejuvenation.


A friendly spirit

Hospitality, availability, nature, open to others, good spirits… the essence of a small-scale campsite that we hold dear.
At La Roche d'Ully, we cultivate harmony and joie de vivre.


The joy of discovery

France is brimming with a wide range of natural and cultural treasures. What brought us to a career in camping is the desire to share them with you and help you discover them.
At La Roche d'Ully, you are in the heart of the most beautiful regions of France.

Capture the emotion

Be amazed, relax, recharge your batteries... Here, you’re free to do everything or nothing at all, to discover things on your own or let yourself be guided.
At La Roche d'Ully, the campsite always rhymes with enjoyment.


Nature is our playground and way of life. We choose to respect it. No harmful chemicals are used in our campsite: no weed killers, no chemicals in the toilet blocks. We let some areas lie fallow in order to renew the soil. Bird houses and insect hotels dot the campsite. They are there for your well-being. Most of the products offered in the grocery store are organic and from short supply chains. The water park is heated with wood, a renewable energy source in abundance in our area. 


Open from 03/04/2023 to 03/10/2023

Le camping plébiscité !

Granvelle Prestige

New for 2022! The luxury hotel at the eco-friendly campsite
Luxurious Cottage on an area of 250M2, spend anexceptional moment under the sign of well-beingand comfort 4 stars.
Prestige: a fairytale service as close as you can get...
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The alchemists of wood from "Rondins Passion" manufacture a fairies cottage, for children and adults, left straight of the most beautiful history from our Comté.

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The Venezia Lodge is a romantic, Baroque cocoon, perfect for a couple’s holiday. Comfortable and unique with its canopy bed and its lion clawfoot tub. The fully-equipped kitchen, the toilet, the wooden terrace and the private, wooded lot round off this cabin, in harmony with nature. 

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Our commitment
to guests
with disabilities

The Organic campsite La Roche d’Ully****  was awarded the Tourism & Handicap label on 30 June 2016!

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An elegant cottage with timber cladding and a semi-covered terrace. Made in France and perfect for a family with 2 children. 

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The ultimate 3-bedroom family cottage, equipped with a lovely, large covered terrace. 

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In 2016, the campsite signed a partnership with the LPO, the Bird Protection League (Birdlife program).

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A very lovely family cottage that sleeps 6 people in 3 separate bedrooms. It’s fully-equipped, down to a hairdryer. The terrace is partially covered. 

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Organic apple juice
from the campsite!

Our apple juice is available in the campsite’s shop!

Made with apples from our orchard and pressed by our friend Pierre from the "Poussin Farm", an organic farmer in Mérey-sous-Montrond, our apple juice easily obtained the organic certification. 

The label on the bottle was created by Sandrine in the magical and legendary spirit of our campsite. 


This simple, efficient and fully-equipped cottage with 2 bedrooms includes a sheltered terrace.

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Our favourites

Find here ideas and good deals near the campsite from Céline and Etienne. 

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Perfect for fans of camping close to nature, enjoy the comforts of these uniquely-shaped lodges with beds for a 4-person family and a fully-equipped kitchen. 

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The real Canadian lodge, as our elders imagined it, but with added comforts, real beds, a fully-equipped kitchen and a sheltered terrace. For fans of camping close to nature. 

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A cocoon in a Jura's wine barrel shaped for couples looking for comfort with a beautiful kitchen and a bathroom with shower and toilet, privacy with its beautiful bedroom equipped with a TV and originality...

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EU Ecolabel : FR/051/038
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